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Ever feel intimidated in front of a wine list? Confused in the wine aisle of your local supermarket?


Do you choose your bottle based on the whimsy of the label? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.


France has a unique approach to wine, with its own terminology and measures of quality. Good news – the fundamentals are easy and fun to learn. Our workshop takes you through the basics and teaches you how to read the signs, signals, and abbreviations of menus and labeling, so that the next time you are out you can order with confidence!


Consider this: You’re out on a hike in the Riviera’s beautiful alpine backcountry. Apéro back in Nice is calling. Your GPS data shows a shorter route back to the car, so when the fork in the road comes, you take it. Before long, you’re scrambling up a steep mountainside,  even more exhausted than before! What happened?

Chances are your “short” route was a much steeper, more difficult one. But how could you have known? By learning how to read a topo map, you’ll never make this mistake again. From water sources to elevation to the best places to buy cheese (!), topo maps contain all the information you need for a fun, happy, and safe hike. 

Join our workshop to learn the basics of reading a topo map and become a master of the mountains!


By now we’ve all heard that the Mediterranean diet is just about the best one on the planet, helping you live well and live longer. 

But how do our local foods fit into the picture? And just what is niçois cuisine anyway? How can we take advantage of the specialties we find all around us to give us the best chance at good health?

Join our guest speaker, a Nice resident and registered dietician, who will guide you through the essentials of niçois cuisine and its health benefits. 

With a little bit of culture, history, nutrition, shopping and restaurant tips, and even recipes for you to use at home, this workshop is designed for anyone who wants to eat healthy, learn more about niçois cuisine, or just likes good food!



Ever wanted to play like the locals? Perhaps you wanted to join a club but were intimidated by the seriousness of the players or didn’t speak enough French.


Join Kristen, Ruth, and their friends for a relaxed, easygoing pétanque session in a beautiful park. We’ll teach you how to play the game and enjoy a fun match or two – perhaps with a glass of rosé or pastis in hand*


*this accessory highly recommended for blending in with the local pétanque scene!