Living well and learning

KRU is a project designed to help YOU access the best of life on the Riviera. Envisioned by two expat Anglophones, who are professional tour guides and experts in education, KRU unites workshops, meetups, tours, and intensive courses in French. The goal is to get you integrated and living comfortably as quickly as possible – and having fun along the way!

Not living on the French Riviera (or maybe not yet)? No problem! We offer fully online courses so that you can learn French from anywhere. We also offer virtual workshops and meetups, good for anyone who wants to meet international travelers and learn more about French life and culture – no matter where you are!





We Know What It’s Like

Your guides and instructors, Ruth and Kristen, have been through it all: Learning French. Being afraid to make mistakes. Arriving alone. Slogging through mountains of paperwork. Integrating into the local culture. Making friends.

But now we are truly at home and couldn’t be happier with our Riviera lives!

Over the years we’ve developed a wide network of friends, professional associates, local business owners, and experts in many subjects. We’d like to use these and our years of discovery, trial and error, and expertise in French and English to help you access the best of the Côte d’Azur.

Other small businesses offer plenty of help with the nitty-gritty, like paperwork and visa processing, so we can focus on accessing quality of life. Our French language courses will give you the functionality you need to start living well – now. The accelerated program concentrates on speaking and everyday activities, as well as boosting your confidence, so that you can get out there as soon as possible.

Our FREE workshops and meetups give you tips and tricks to up your quality of life and get you socially and culturally integrated. We won’t help you process documents – but we’ll help you choose wine. We won’t translate legal documents for you – but we’ll show you how to play pétanque.

Because a beautiful life on the Riviera is possible – and we want to be a part of your discovery.


What Does KRU Mean?

Kru is a combination of our first names, but it is more than that. One of the most emblematic standards of quality in French culture is the crus of the great wine producers. We see a parallel between wine and language, living forms that convey pleasure, beauty, cultural richness, and connection. In its English pronunciation, “crew” denotes collaboration and working together towards a shared goal, a major part of our classroom ethos. In short, Kru represents the pillars of our vision – Frenchness, togetherness, enjoyment and quality.