FACE TO FACE (traditional) 

 Project Description: Academic Skills


Ipag Business School asked me to design a course series to solve a problem: In a dual degree program, in which their students studied abroad at a partner university for a year, the partners were complaining that the school was sending students unprepared to meet their standards for (1) conducting academic research and (2) presenting that research, orally and in writing.


Ipag’s students are international and come from a variety of educational, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. They therefore arrive at the university with no uniform exposure to or understanding of these concepts.


These courses became the Academic Skills Series. They begin from the assumption that students have had no explicit training in these areas. They ensure that the academic research and communication expectations of the partner universities are met, while making the material learned in the course: (1) relevant to the students’ needs as business students, and (2) relevant for real-world use and applied practice, after graduation. These courses were taught to first-year Bachelor of Business Administration students as part of a three-year program.


  • In 2021, the first group of students to complete the three-year dual degree program with the added Academic Skills Series graduated with a 100% success rate, with 0 re-sits.
  • The courses also boast a 100% percent satisfaction rate among students who responded to the school’s annual survey.
  • In 2019, the school designated the series as a required core course series for the Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum.

Sample: Academic Writing Visual Aid

An example of a visual support for the in-class presentation of the first step in the methodology of formulating a research question.

This image presents initial paths of questioning the student should pose himself to decide on a topic, in preparation for brainstorming his research question.