Kristen holds a Ph.D. in French language and literature from the University of Maryland (U.S.A.), which includes the teaching of French as a second language. In addition to her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in French, she holds a B.A. in journalism.

As part of her doctoral training, she completed a five-year andragogical training program, collaborating with leading experts in online, flipped, communicative, and active methods. Some of the teaching methods and online tools she invented as a graduate student remain in use at her home university today.

Presently, Kristen holds positions in instruction, learning design, and leadership at two private universities in France, Ipag Business School and Diderot Education. Additionally, she serves as a chargé de projet for the development of a new e-learning campus for Diderot Education. She also publishes and presents research internationally, with a focus on the trifecta of communication, education, and cognition.  Kristen is on the instructional design consultant roster for the United Nations and is currently being certified as an official U.N. Trainer by the U.N. Institute for Training and Research. 

Formerly an editor and researcher at The Baltimore Sun and at National Geographic, Kristen is passionate about education, cultural exchange, and communication. 

KRU French is Kristen’s personal project, designed to bring the knowledge and expertise of professors like herself outside of the academic bubble, to professional individuals in the private sector who stand to benefit immensely from the speaking-based, functional methods she and her collaborators employ. 



Student Pass Rate

On the national Brevet de Technicien Supérieur qualifying exam, maintained over five years (national average 86%)


Student satisfaction rate

Across institutions and among private clients


Student graduation rate

In 2021 for students in the Bachelor of Business Administration dual degree program at Ipag Business School


Campuses Overseen

By Kristen as Course Leader of Academic Skills at Ipag Business School


Courses Taught

In postsecondary institutions, including French and English as second languages, French and world literature, communication, and professional development


This was the best decision I ever made. Not only have I advanced in my French level, but I'm not afraid any more - I have confidence! I am extremely thankful. Not knowing about the course sooner is my only regret. If you're trying to learn French or you're struggling, please don't look any further. Kristen is amazing!
Akansha P.
Go for Kristen and KRU French. She is amazing. I had previous teachers and online training and I sucked. Now I feel much more positive about speaking.
Tereze K.
Mme Gunderson is a super teacher and her class was useful. She is kind and a good listener. I learned more English in one semester with her than in all of my years of school before.

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