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How It Works

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Our goal: to help you access French life

We know that it can be a struggle for international transplants to really feel at home in France.

With years of experience living on the Côte d’Azur, degrees in French studies, professional tour guiding expertise, and a network of local experts and friends, we’d like to help others discover the beauty of French life that we’ve found for ourselves.

Through workshops, meetups, and French language courses, we offer you the opportunity to experience different aspects of Riviera living and to join a thriving network of locals and expats. And through our French language courses, we give you perhaps the most important key to comfortable living – French language skills. These can (literally!) open doors for you and make you feel more at home.

Workshops and Meetups

Learn skills, make friends, have fun

Workshops and meetups are FREE and held in English unless otherwise specified.

Our “My Riviera Life” meetup series is a relaxed, casual way to meet internationals on the Riviera. Come have a drink and a chat at our in-person and virtual meetups.

Our “French Happy Hour” meetup series is an opportunity to practice conversational French with an expert instructor. Join Kristen for a drink and some easy and fun conversation in French (event held in French).

Workshops are a hands-on or in-depth look at a particular aspect of Riviera life. Led by experienced guides or professional experts, they are a fun way to learn more, develop new skills, and meet people.

There may be limited spaces available, so registration is recommended. Simply check our Meetups or Workshops pages, or our Facebook page, to see scheduled events and to register.

Each event occurs once a month.

We add events regularly, so check back often to see when the next one is!


From frustrated to functional in a matter of weeks

KRU’s speciality is intensive French courses, from beginner to advanced levels. We use a mix of speaking-focused teaching methods and independent study to help you progress within a few weeks.

We offer free evaluations to inquire about your level, your goals, and get to know you better. Schedule a free 15-minute evaluation with Kristen or Ruth.

Once you have decided to join a KRU course, simply book through our website. Once your registration is confirmed, we will send you an email containing an electronic receipt, the preparation materials, and instructions on how to get ready for the course.

Be aware – Intensive courses are intense! Each course necessitates a minimum of 32 hours, or two weeks, of independent study before the beginning of class, so the final registration deadline for any given course is two weeks ahead of the start date. Preparing earlier is even better. Once you register, be ready to work!

Once the course begins, online sessions will take place on Zoom. In-person sessions will take place at our COVID-adapted KRU studio, with aerated indoor, partially outdoor, and fully outdoor spaces available.

We are confident in our ability to help you improve, so we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If, by the end of the course, you have done all the work – before and during the classes – and you still don’t feel you have progressed or gained confidence, we will be happy to refund you the total cost of the course.




What Students Say

What Students Say

  • “Très bonne prof, elle nous donne envie de travailler et est très agréable.”

    (Very good professor; she makes us want to work and is very pleasant)

  • “La professeure fait participer toute la classe afin que tout le monde comprenne le cours.”

    (The teacher makes the whole class participate so that everyone understands the course)

  • “Nous sommes bien entrainés sur la compréhension orale et l’expression orale et les cours sont intéressants.”

    (We are well trained in oral comprehension and expression and the course sessions are interesting)

  • “Professeure très sympathique et à l’écoute.”

    (Very kind teacher who listens)